Frequently Asked Questions          updated 05-13-2016
What screening or clearances do you receive on the parents before they are bred?
We clear the hips and elbows with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundations for Animals); Eyes are cleared with CERF and Optigen. Also cleared for Heart, EIC, and others
How old are the puppies before they go to their new homes?
Puppies can go to their new homes at 6-8 weeks.
How much is shipping? CLICK HERE for more information.
How large do your dogs get?
Depending on the breeding, the males range between 70-85 lbs and the females 80-90lbs.
Can I register my puppy with the American Kennel Club aka AKC?
What color are they registered?
Yellow. AKC does not recognize white.
Do they come with Full or Limited registration?
We sell our puppies with limited registration. Exceptions are occasionally made to approved breeders and others; there is a premium for full registration.
How do you determine the order of the puppy selection process?
The puppies are picked in the order, by sex, and by litter, that the deposits are received.
Is my deposit refundable?
YES. If a puppy of the sex you are seeking is not produced in the litter, you may have the next best open spot on my next litter's selection list, or your deposit will be refunded at 100%.
Where are you located?
Frisco, Texas  Approximately 30 miles or 45 minutes due north of downtown Dallas.
What is covered in your guarantee?
Your puppy will be healthy, alert, active, and free of parasites when you receive your puppy and will be free of hereditary defects of the hips and eyes for a period of 26 months.