Potty-training—Take your puppy to the potty area every time he wakes up, 15 -20 minutes after a meal/large drink, and other scheduled potty times.


If you catch your puppy in the act of going potty anywhere other than outside in his potty area, you should not smack him on the butt and/or get all upset. Instead say, “NO”  or multiple "NO's" and take him immediately outside (don’t worry if you get a little pee on you, it’s just a baby, plus if he is interrupted in the act with a stern “NO”, he will probably get the message quite clearly)

Put him in the grass and tell him he is a good boy when he goes.


When in doubt, let him out” is the old saying. If your puppy whines, turns around in circles or smells the floor a lot, you should take him outside immediately.


If it is raining, you should get your umbrella and go out there with him, take him out thru the garage the door is bigger and he won't feel like he is going to get left out there and if there is no patio to walk across

Following swimming safety tips with your puppy is crucial. (Starting after 12 weeks of age)

If you have a pool, do not leave him unsupervised in the back yard.


Large pools/Ponds/Lakes--Teaching your puppy where to exit the pool/pond is the very first thing you should teach him. Even adult labs, new to a certain body of water, can swim around forever and not be able to find their way out.

Don’t forget to check the pool/pond for parasites or other dangerous items


Don’t force your puppy to swim; rather gradually coaxing him into the water will insure your puppy doesn’t become afraid of the water. You can also use a plastic baby pool for great outdoor fun as well.

If your puppy becomes frightened, do not pick him up or cuddle him, instead talk to him in your happy voice and act as if the nothing can be more fun than what you are doing at that moment.

Make sure you dry your puppy’s ears after water time as they can become dirty and run the risk of ear infections.

DO NOT...over exercise your young dog. DO NOT TAKE A PUPPY JOGGING!!!  Not until it’s at least one year of age. Over exercise is the fastest way to destroy hip, elbow, ankle joints.

DO NOT...take your puppy to the pet stores or associate with other animals before he has had ALL of his vaccinations.

DO NOT...take your puppy to the pet stores or associate with other animals before he has had ALL of his vaccinations. (I KNOW I HAVE IT HERE TWICE)

DO NOT..... pay any attention to your new puppy when you are at your dinner/breakfast table...even if you are not eating. This will keep the dog from staring at you and begging during dinner. Do not call the puppy’s name, pet him, ect.