Timber is Beautiful!! This boy has changed me!!! Thank you always
Texas White Labs and Remi, of course!!!

From the bottom of my heart...
There are no words to accurately convey how thankful I am for our precious angel. We don't know what our lives were like without our sweet Georgia.

She is soooo sweet, loving, calm and just the absolute love of our lives. She had a wonderful 1st Christmas playing, sleeping and getting more kisses than imaginable!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and we can't thank you enough for all you have done. You all truly raised the most perfect pup!!! Watch out...

You all are going to be bombarded by our friends for your next litter!! We are you #1 fans and everyone is beyond impressed with what/how you all raised Georgia.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Please give our love to Kelly and your family!!!!

Much love,

Jennifer, Billy and sweet Georgia



Wanted to tell ya, Mom called me today, and goes you're not going to believe this...Max was at work today with me and a visitor comes up and says " He looks like a Texas White Lab Pup, I watch on Ustream" My mom says, why he is.. He's Pumpkin of the last liter of Remi and Max is sitting there like a poliet fella taken in the conversation... SMALL WORLD!!!! ♥
Max goes to work with Mom almost every day of the week, he has brought such joy to her residents that he has been nominated for the homes resident dog. If she doesn't take him a day she gets an ear full from the residents of why not... Ha Ha.. He goes on rounds with the nurses in the morning waking them up, if he can't reach their hands, he pulls on their covers. One fella said that was the best wake up he has ever had.. The love of that little guy. ( Pictures to follow of Max at work).♥




Kelly & Steve,

Just wanting to let you know that Nellie is doing great! She is so smart and adjusting to her new home just fine. It's amazing how quickly they adapt and train their new family! 

I've attached a few pics from Thanksgiving day. We quickly found out she is much like a wind up doll in that when she unwinds she goes to sleep immediately, wherever she may be. 

We got her to our vet Friday morning and thought they'd never let us leave. All the nurses had to spend at least 5 minutes with her. Her doctor was very complimentary.

Hope you are enjoying a good Thanksgiving break and we'll keep in touch as Nellie grows.

Thanks Again,
Russell & Vangela

Micah will be 1 yr. old on Monday, 11/07. In this pic., at 6 weeks 18 lbs. When Micah arrived at Sac. 22 lbs. Today an adorable, loving and loyal 100 lbs and growing. Happy we made the choice to go with Texas White Labs. Steve Mason is a great guy and works hard to get your puppy to you safely and healthy.

Yeah, I know. I watch her very close but she was at my x's house on Tuesday and with her dog and I think she may have eaten some big dog food possibly. She is great now and is a really good dog. She is potty trained, but not totally house broken. She can go 8 hours in her crate at night without waking up or crying and it is totally dry. I have her trained on her name, she can sit on command, and we are working on down, she also understands no / uh uh already when she is in trouble and can do a basic walk on the leash. I spend alot of time with her every day and take her on at least 2 long walks outside a day even in this cold weather. It is a small world, but I met some people across the street and her daughter has one of your puppies that is now 5 or 6 months old. They moved to Arkansas. I can not remember her name, but Dakata played with her dog over Thanksgiving and she was a great puppy as well. I have alot of pictures and will email you some later tonight or tomorrow. She goes to my vet on Wednesday for her 8 week check and shots. .

Take care...

We would like to send positve comments on our delightfully, awesome, Micah. The joy he brings each and everyday, the intelligence of instinct, just one magnificent, may I add, very large, Texas White Lab.

Micah is 101 lbs at 9 mos.,pf solid muscle,our go machine. He was overweight, but not for long. Our natural vets are so pleased with his overall growth and health, however, he does have food allergy problems that are well under control.

Micah is now in adolescents and being a teenager right now, difficult when he wants to do what Micah wants to do, like pushing his weight around.

Micah gives so much love and much more is extended to him from Tom, Zeke, my workers, our mobile vet, the monthly groomer, as well as myself.

I feel extremely bless to have found Texas White Labs..




Hi Steve, 
Just recently, I told Frank that we've had Mack almost a year, as it's easy to remember my birthday present last year. Mack is awesome, Steve. This morning before dawn, we went outside to do his business, and afterward, he made a beeline for the end of the driveway to retrieve my paper. As you know, he has done that since we brought him home, when the paper was bigger than him, and he'd drag it all the way back to the house. Now, he jets out there and dashes to the garage door, pushes it open, and sets it down, waiting for me to return. Frank really, really likes him too, and we find ourselves telling "Mack" stories all of the time.

I know your previous customers tell you how smart and wonderful their own puppy is, but I'm not exaggerating in telling you this one has extreme intelligence. His ability to understand English vocabulary is incredible, and his memory is also amazing. But mostly, he is sweet and gentle, and he has taken to Boomer very well. Actually, we're so glad they have each other, because they're compatible and entertaining.

Mack is quite large. He weighed 95 pounds the last time we took him to the vet. He is so much slimmer looking than Boomer, but he's taller and weighs about the same.

How are you doing? We often check your website to follow your latest breeding. "Jake" and Mack look like twins. I can tell you one thing for sure. Your house creates the most beautiful labs I've ever seen. They are amazingly white, alert, and so sweet-natured. We love Mack very much, and it's the best birthday present ever for me. This year, come March 29th, I'm going for a 100% recycled organic composter!

I hope you will stay in touch. I enjoy hearing from you. 

Take care,


Hi Steve, Everything went even better than expected. Gunner and the kids slept all the way home yesterday. He got along great with my other dog, they had fun playing and he was very much accepted. I'm not sure he knew what to think of our cats, he just sat down and looked at them for the longest time. (they are outside cats so I didn't let him get too close yet until he knows what to expect). He cried in his crate for about 15-20 minutes at bedtime, then slept till about 11:30 and I took him outside and he had to go. He then cried another 15 but slept well after that. I get up about 4:30am so I actually woke him up, took him outside and he went again and we played for about a half hour - he was then up for the morning and helped me get the rest of the house up and going. He went to work with my husband today, and will for awhile until he can be in crate for longer periods. Believe it or not we have had no accidents in the house, we have watched him close and think we know his dance and have taken him out at the right times. I love his temperament, he is not too awful hyper and so loving. He is quite funny and is already playing fetch with a stuffed toy duck. I was wondering if you had him on a feeding schedule or just left food out for him to graze.

We are very very happy with our choice, he is everything we hoped. What a great addition to our family! I will keep in touch to let you know how he is growing up. Thanks so much! Julie



hey Steve,
just wa ted to let you know how things were going with the puppy. she is doing great. We named her Maggie. she is pretty much potty trained. she goes to the back door and whines when she needs to go out. Dad was shocked when he saw her. he lovesher and she follows him EVERYWHERE!! Our big dog Scout loves her too, she sleeps next to Maggies kennel when she is taking naps. i attached some pictures.
Hope all is well with you and your family
M'Lee Lytle 


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